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Glass at the Pass Gallery is proud to carry Blodgett Art Glass

Buzz Blodgett at work in his studio.
Inspired by the beauty of the breaking waves at the northern San Diego County beach town of Leucadia, Blodgett Glass brings you a complete line of fine blown glass. All glass is completely handmade using the same methods utilized since ancient times. The perfume bottles, vases, bowls and oil lamps are all signed and dated, indicating the care taken in making them. We hope these works of beauty will bring you as much pleasure as we had in making them.
Buzz Blodgett

A couple of our favorites.

When we first saw Buzz Blodgett's art work we were totally mesmerized with the water color effect and look he creates with the blending of our favorite colors. He uses bubbles filtering up the piece creating a realistic underwater effect. With two galleries each located on the water , I would say we are just a little predigested.
We know you will appreciate his fine craftsmanship as much as we do.
Here is his biography:

Buzz Blodgett has been creating in glass since 1969 when his father built a glass furnace and introduced him to glassblowing. While Buzz was attending college, he worked with his Dad and they began to sell their glasswork. After Buzz graduated, they developed a line of glass wind chimes that were marketed nationally.
In 1978, a Swedish glassblower visited and taught them new styles and techniques. Infused with this new knowledge, new designs began to emerge from the studio along with a large improvement in the quality of the their work. Always an avid surfer living near the beach, Buzz began to develop work with an marine feel to it.
After his father passed away in 1991, Buzz took over the operation of Blodgett Glass. His love for the "art side of glass" has now moved him more towards that market, and he is being represented more and more by galleries and fine art glass stores.

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