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Glass at the Pass Gallery is proud to carry
The work of Rollin Karg Art Glass

About the Artist

Glass at the Pass Gallery and Crystal Mirage Gallery are both located on the water in sunny Florida.
We met Rollin and has wife Patti at a show and
we were really taken with his pieces. We like sparkles
and pieces that make a statement (heavy wasn't’t one of the
prerequisites but his pieces sure are weighty).
Here is what they have to say:

Rollin Karg
How does an industrial engineer come to be
an accomplished artist?
Rollin Karg, engineer turned glassblower,
has turned one of his one-time hobbies into a
full time career. He attributes his artistic inclination
in part to a strong desire to work with his hands.

Standing under his spectacular awning and facing
the furnace he built, Rollin concentrates on working
the hot molten glass. Skillfully he turns a flowing
globe, adding intricate colorful designs to the crystal
clear mass. The fiery furnace and forces of gravity
heighten the artists’ exhilaration at bringing
dramatic form to the soft, hot glass. The excitement
is intensified by nature's own beautiful backdrop,
and exquisitely unique glass pieces are born
Rollin studied hot glass at Emporia State University
while building his first furnace. He was born in
Columbus, Ohio but was raised in Miami, Florida
We hope that wherever your home may be that
you will always enjoy your



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