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Kiki Fulker is a Colorado native, raised in the mountains west of Boulder. She began working with glass in 1983. Pursuing her passion for the medium, she moved to Oakland, California in 1986 to study glass under Marvin Lipofsky at California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC). While at CCAC, Kiki also studied with Dennis Leon, Linda Flemming, and Bella Feldman, exploring many different techniques of sculpture and glass. After completing her BFA degreee in Sculpture, Kiki returned to Boulder. She currently owns and operates Solstice Art Glass, which was built on the foundation of Maytum Glass Studio.

In seventeen years artistry, Kiki has dedloped a signature style that combines the art and science of glassblowing. Solstice Art Glass' trademarks include crystal clear glass and unique, hand-blended colors created from precious metals and rare earth elements. "I enjoy both the scientific aspect of making glass and the creative design process."

Danielle Rae has been with Solstice Art Glass since its inception. Her Specialty is faceting (cutting and polishing). In addition, Danielle assists in the hot shop, and coollaborates with Kiki in the design process. She is currrently finishing her BFA at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Kiki and Danielle strive to create the finest, most unique hand-blown and faceted glass available.

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