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All the art glass paperweights are original works of art.
Most of the artists have biographies on our web site and your purchase comes with one as well. The art you see is what you would receive because no two are alike.
This is a very small sample of the paperweights. Enjoy looking!
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Paul Harriie Paperweight
Artist: Paul Harrie Art Glass
4.5" tall x 4/3/4" wide 4.5lbs .

Artist: Rolling Karg
This is a flat disk paperweight. Great dichroic glass colors. This is the large size around 10".

Glass Eye Studios Paperweight
Artist: Glass Eye Studios
3" ball paperweight with many colors of dichroic glass swirled to the center with a clear bubble clear crystal over the whole thing.
Chuck Boux paperweight
ARTIST: Chuck Boux
The colors swirls creating a wonderful look. It has a clear bubbles blue green and gold bubbles.

Artist: Robert Held
2 3/4" wide 2 1/2 " tall 1" deep .Poppies heart paperweight.

This is a oval shaped paperweight with a whole in the center. What a great looking paperweight.



Eickholt sea paperweight
Artist: Robert Eickholt
3.5"tall & 3" wide
Undersea created with dichroic glass blues & cream created in clear glass. Sold


Artist: Youghenty Art Glass Studio
Start with a clear ball 3.5" slice the front off at an angle and you have the shape.This is incredible. The perfect veiling it almost looks like a bulls eye. Translucent layers of color perfectly done. sold
Glass Eye Paperweight
ARTIST: Glass Eye Studios
Cranberry swirls create a flower effect with a clear bubble in the center. It has lots of sparkle created with dichroic glass. Glass Eye uses ash from Mt St. Helens. It is around 3.5".

Solstice Art Glass Paperweight
Artist:Solstice Art Glass
Almost 3" a touch wider than tall. Dichroic clear and aqua blue create a special piece, a real treasure.


Seekers and Fein Paperweight
ARTIST:Seekers & Fein
Medium paperweights - approx. 2½" ht. x 2½" to 2¾" dia.
Ethereal Bubble and Swirl Paperweight

Art glass paperweight
Artist: Ed Kachurak $119.95
Frosted on the outside around 3.9" wide the polished window is 2.8". Inside cobalt blue and clear swirl with a veiling of peach. Sold

Lindsay Artglass paperweight
Artist: Lindsay Art Glass Studio
This is the undersea series. Please see the close up to see the details.



Ruby Cats Paperweight

Artist: Correia Art Glass Studio
Correia created this work of art paperweight. It's the ruby cats. Most of the time pictures don't come close to showing the real beauty in this case I know you can't tell how the weight just glows and that the cats are raised an seem to dance around the ball. It is 3.5" wide by 3" tall.

Schuster Glass Studio Egg paperweight
Artist: Schuster Glass Studio
2 6/8" tall x 2"
The dichroic series SOLD

Twist art glass paperweight
Artist: Michael Maddy
Twist paperweight with thin bands of dichroic between the tornado and outside.

Rolling Karg Disk Paperweight
Artist: Rollin Karg
Large disk paperweight around 10".Weighs around 16lb. Beautiful dichroic pattern on the front almost looks like glitter.
Correia Amber Safari Paperweight
Artist: Correia Art Glass Studio
Correia Amber Safari Paperweight.
Picture a gold ball paperweight now sandblast it giving it a frosted look. The animals in raised black circle the weight.
Henry Summa art glass paperweight
Artist:Henry Summa
Marble with acrylic stand. One faceted window showing off the great inside.

Henry Summa art glass paperweight
Artist:Henry Summa
Iridescent flower shaped marble with one faceted window. The interior has a bubble and blue circle. It sits in a acrylic stand.

A G Art Glass paperweight
Artist: Garcia
Aqua speckled round paperweight with dichroic purple swirled stripe. It also has interesting objects here and there.

Correia Zebra Paperweight
Artist:Correia Art Glass
Zebras running in raised black against white frosted round paperweight.

Robert Eickholt paperweight
Artist: Eickholt Glass
Under-sea disk paperweight. Burnt-red sparkles dichroic sea things.
Gary Zack coral reef paperweight

Artist: Zack
Coral Reef art glass paperweight
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